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Take Part In The Ultimate Sports Simulation Experience

Become part of the action with a hands-on experience that features real equipment, precision game mechanics and custom graphics. Nothing brings people closer than through the excitement and rush of a sports competition. Our simulator will get both the fun and the blood pumping, ensuring your guests, colleagues or friends have a good time.

Feeling a bit hungry after all that action? We’ve got you covered! All the catering to the Virtual Sports Lounge is provided by the Bruce Craft House and can be ordered right to the room! Service staff, hosts, and bar services are available.

This private entertainment room can host groups of up to 32 people for hours of entertainment and fun.

Take A Sneak Peek At The Action

Golfing Simulator Game Play Sample

Golf Simulation

Immerse yourself in a variety of golf simulations, from 18 holes on perfectly rendered versions of your favourite courses around the world, to practice swings at the driving range, to analysis of your swing and ball flight data with unprecedented precision.

Baseball Hitting Simulation Sample Image

Baseball Hitting Simulation

Feel the excitement as you swing for the fences in our interactive baseball simulator "Home Run Durby". Try to knock one out of the park using real equipment. Play in a variety of life-size stadiums, and see precise data on distance, speed, and trajectory of each hit.

Baseball Pitching Simulator Sample Image

Baseball Pitching Simulation

Finally know the excitement of taking the mound to try your fastball against opposing batters in our baseball simulation. Play in a variety of environments, from The Stadium to The Back Lot, and see precise data about the speed and placement of every pitch.

Quarterback Challenge Sample Image

Quarterback Challenge

The Quarterback Challenge allows you to take on the roll of Quarterback and test your skills in a 2 minute drill to win the game.

Football Simulation Sample Image

Football Simulation

Seconds left in the game, down by two points, the crowd is roaring. Hero or goat, it's all down to your kick. Our precision football simulation gives real-time feedback on ball location and speed after every attempt, and instant replay lets you relive the glory or the agony.

Hockey Simulator Sample Image

Hockey Simulation

Hockey is a game of both power and precision, and so is our interactive hockey simulator. Choose from three game modes to take your best shot against goalies from around the world, to fire your hardest slapshot, or to test your placement with the Target Challenge.

Soccer Simulator Sample Image

Soccer Simulation

Choose 1 or 2 player, and which of two game modes to try, then test your kicking power and skill in our soccer simulation. Go head-to-head with a goalie in Penalty Mode, or try to bend the ball around defenders in Set Piece Mode. After every game, you'll see shot location, average speed, goals and misses.

Cricket Simulator Sample Image

Cricket Simulation

It's you and the batsman as you step up to bowl. Victory can be yours if you send it home with speed and perfect placement. After every bowl you'll see the results and ruling, and can even take another look with instant replay.

Rugby Simulator Sample Image

Rugby Simulation

Carefully crafted to simulate an intensely real stadium environment, our rugby game gives you a chance to test your skill and your nerves as you kick conversions. After the game each player's attempts and conversions are displayed in the post game analysis screen.

Basketball Simulator Sample Image

Basketball Simulation

Take to the hardwood to sink baskets from all over court. Choose 1 or 2 players then select from five environments including an arena and space station, then try to shoot the lights out. The basket moves after every successful basket and our precision basketball simulation measures eat shot to the inch.

Carnival Games Sample Image

Carnival Games

Step right up and try your skill at your favourite midway games. Knock down milk bottles, pop balloons or break plates, and watch the challenge get harder the further you go. If you have what it takes to get a high score, you'll unlock a Dunk the Clown bonus round.

Zombie Dodgeball Sample Image

Zombie Dodgeball

For zombie hunters of all ages, fight back an invasion armed only with a dodgeball and your own arm. Choose from a variety of creepy worlds, like The Graveyard or The King's Lair, then knock down the undead hordes before they can escape, or else.

Virtual Sports Lounge Pricing

Monday to Thursday - $35.00 per hour

Friday, Saturday, Sunday - $40.00 per hour

Whether your practicing your golf swing or looking to host your next team building event, birthday party, or guy’s night out,make it memorable with the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre’s state of the art Virtual Sports Lounge.For more details or reservations, call us at 519-622-1505.


Monday-Thursday: 6:00am – 10:30pm

Friday & Saturday: 7:00am – 12:00am

Sunday: 7:00am – 10:30pm

Holidays: 7:00am – 10:00pm

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