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The Bruce Caboose

“Bringing the best of us, to you” – That is not just our mission statement, it’s what we do. It’s what ties us together. Here at the Bruce Craft House and the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre, we have been a community staple for over 10 years. We thrive and pride ourselves on fresh, local, great food, with a flair for the extraordinary, and outstanding guest service. With this philosophy in mind, we’ve created the ‘Bruce Caboose’ food truck and mobile catering vehicle; an entity bound together by the very fabric of our community, our hard work, and our dedication for a great customer experience. The ‘Bruce Caboose’ is an outlet for our ever-growing creativity and passion. It is an outlook on food shared by few, and now to be experienced by many. Through charity events, festivals, catering, rallies, weddings, parties, and your special event we continue to and will always “bring the best of us, to you.”

We thank you in advance for the opportunity to tempt, entice and please.

Offering you a fresh variety of dishes for any occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a one stop shop that can provide you with service staff, dinnerware, catering, tables, chairs and much more!

The Bruce Caboose is a state-of-the-art, fully customized kitchen on wheels, able to go anywhere a vehicle can go, and cater what a full brick and mortar restaurant can cater.

The capabilities of the truck are not limited to a small number of guests. The truck, compounded with our state-of-the-art rotisserie and grill, can easily cater large parties of 200 plus guests or functions as refined as under 25.

We have liquor license that allows us to service your event with a fully functioning bar, including liquor, beer and wine!

We offer full, exceptional, customizable service menus. From BBQ’s to full sit down dinners, buffets to late night services, off the truck lunches to in office/event catering.

We are a fully licenced caterer, and if the venues allow catering, we are allowed to service your event. Asking is never a bad idea!

Call us at (519) 624-7732 or email us at and speak with our Catering Department. We can start the process right away.