Winter Greens


Heritage Greens/ Herbed Ricotta/ Pickled Red Onions/ Crispy Chickpeas/ Heirloom Tomato/ Honey Shallot Vinaigrette - Add Chicken +$10, Add Salmon +$15

Caesar Salad


Baguette Croutons/ Crisp Prosciutto/ Shaved Parmesan/ Garlic Dressing - Add Chicken +$10, Add Salmon +$15

Soup of the Day


Fresh Seasonal House-Made Soups


$18/1LB $35/2LB

Flour Dusted Wings/ Crudite/ Buttermilk Ranch/ Sauces; House Hot/ Honey Garlic/ Chili Honey/ BBQ/ Vietnamese BBQ/ Dry Cajun/ Salt & Pepper

Bitterballen (3pc)


Dutch Beef and Gouda Croquette/ Triple Crunch Mustard - World's Best Bar Snack!

Bacon & Cheddar Dip


Ontario Corn/ Cream Cheese/ Scallions/ Chilies/ Caramelized Onions/ Stone Fired Flatbread



Your Choice of Fresh Chipped Fries/ Waffle Fries/ Curly Fries/ Crispy Coated Fries

Dip Trio


Upgrade Your Fries - Chow Chow Aioli/ Cajun Ketchup/ Dill Pickle Aioli

BBQ Brisket Poutine


Upgrade Your Fries - House Poutine Sauce/ Quebec Cheese Curds/ Pickled Aioli/ BBQ Sauce

Classic Poutine


Upgrade Your Fries - House Poutine Sauce/ Quebec Cheese Curds/ Scallions



Upgrade Your Fries - House Queso/ Smoked Bacon/ Creme Fraiche/ Scallions/ Diced Tomatoes/ Pickled Jalapenos

The Behemoth Smash Burger


Two 4 oz Chuck Brisket Patties/ Smoked Bacon/ Aged Cheddar/ Smoked Tomato Relish/ Lettuce/ Dill Pickle Aioli/ Crispy Onion Ring/ Toasted Brioche Bun - Comes With Your Choice of Soup/ Salad/ Fries. Gluten Free Buns or Tortillas Available. Beyond Meat Burgers Available.

Southern Chicken Club


Pickle Brined Fried Chicken/ House Queso/ Smoked Bacon/ Tomato Relish/ Lettuce/ Toasted Brioche Bun - Comes With Your Choice of Soup/ Salad/ Fries. Gluten Free Buns or Tortillas Available.

The Bruce Smash Burger


8oz Chuck Brisket Patty/ Caramelized Onion Bacon Jam/ American Cheddar/ Lettuce/ Tomato/ Pickle/ Charred Red Onion/ Dill Pickle Aioli/ Toasted Brioche - Comes With Your Choice of Soup/ Salad/ Fries. Gluten Free Buns or Tortillas Available. Beyond Meat Burgers Available.

Carne De Res Tacos


Smoked BBQ Brisket/ Sweet Cabbage/ House Queso/ Pickled Jalapenos/ Charred Red Onions/ Flour Tortillas

Spaghetti Al Amatriciana


Bruce Made Fresh Spaghetti/ Smoked Bacon/ Braised Beef/ Tomato Rustico/ Chilies/ Basil/ Parmigiano Reggiano

Spaghetti Carbonara


Guanciale/ Parmigiano Reggiano/ Pecorino Romano/ Egg/ Shallots/ Cured Egg Yolk

Fettuccine Alla Crema Di Gorgonzola


Wild Mushrooms/ Gorgonzola/ Charred Radicchio/ Toasted Walnuts/ Cream/ Pecorino Romano

Caprese Fettuccine


Heirloom Tomatoes/ Black Garlic/ Fresh Basil/ Shallots/ Fiore Di Latte/ Olive Oil

Smoked Ontario BBQ Beef Brisket


Aged Cheddar and Fontina Stone Ground Buttermilk Grits/ Fried Egg/ Scallions/ Culinary Nomad Chili Sauce/ Crispy Garlic

Pork Schnitzel


Goat Cheese Mashed Potato/ Heirloom Carrots/ Bacon and Mustard Jus

Braised Beef Short Rib Stroganoff


Wild Mushrooms/ Goat Cheese Mashed Potato/ Pickles/ Pearl Onions/ Dill/ Cream Fraiche

Blackened Salmon


Edamame Succotash/ Chorizo/ Peppers/ Corn/ Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes/ Fingerling Potatoes/ Cream/ Cajun Seasoning/ Parmesan and Herb Compound Butter

Cod & Chips


Icelandic Cod/ Fresh Chipped Fries/ Lemon/ Caper Gherkin Tartar Sauce

Roast Chicken


Buttermilk Spaetzle/ Goat Cheese/ Wild Mushrooms/ Brussel Sprout Leaves/ Smoked Bacon/ Chicken Jus

Hand Stretched, 12 inch Neopolitan Style Stone Fired Pizza. Gluten Free Cauliflower Crust Available +$3

The Bruce 66


Foraged Mushrooms/ Olive Oil/ Gorgonzola/ Mozzarella/ Smoked Bacon/ Charred Red Onion

The Onion


Caramelized Onion & Thyme Puree/ Charred Red Onion/ French Comte/ Mozzarella

Kentucky Derby


Smoke Bacon/ Creme Fraiche/ Sweet Corn/ Scallions/ Mozzarella/ Pickled Jalapenos

The Edgy Veggie


Roasted Vegetable Caponata/ Marinated Tomatoes/ Fresh Mozzarella/ Charred Red Onion

The Rock


Ham/ Smoked Bacon/ Pineapple/ Mozzarella/ Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce

The Greasy Wheel


Pepperoni/ Italian Sausage/ Smoked Bacon/ Ham/ Mozzarella/ Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce

Chocolate Cake


4 Layers Of Moist Chocolate Cake Covered By Smooth Chocolate Fudge Icing

Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake


Rich Brownie Base, A Mixture Of Chocolate And Peanut Butter Cheesecake Fillings Topped With Roasted Almonds And Chunks Of Brownies (Gluten Free)

White Wine

Jackson Triggs

6oz $9 | 9oz $12 | BTL $35

Sauvignon Blanc, Niagara/ 2019


6oz $10 | 9oz $15 | BTL $45

Pinot Grigio, Italy/ 2019

Dreaming Tree

6oz $13 | 9oz $19 | BTL $50

Chardonnay, California/ 2019

Kung Foo

BTL $50

Reisling, Washington State/ 2019

Red Wine

Jackson Triggs

6oz $9 | 9oz $12 | BTL $35

Cabernet France, Niagara/ 2019

Dreaming Tree

6oz $13 | 9oz $20 | BTL $56

Crush Red, California/ 2019

Robert Mondavi

6oz $14 | 9oz $22 | BTL $60

Cabernet Sauvignon, California/ 2018


BTL $50

Merlot VQA, Niagara/ 2019


Jackson Triggs

BTL $53

Sparkling Wine, Niagara/ 2019

Bottled Beer

Coors Light


341 ML

Bud Light


341 ML



341 ML

Rolling Rock


341 ML



341 ML

KW Craft Cider


473 ML

4 Fathers Starter IPA


473 ML

4 Fathers Village Lager


437 ML

Draft Beer

Rotational Ontario Craft Beer

20oz $9


Currently Unavailable




Pepsi/ Diet Pepsi/ 7-Up/ Gingerale/ Iced Tea/ Soda



Apple/ Orange/ Cranberry



Eska Sparkling Water (750 ML) or Eska Still Water (750 ML)